Are you interested in hiring me? Want to invest in capturing memories? Please see pricing below. If you need something that is not listed here, please contact me.
Know of a nonprofit/free event or performance I might be interested in? Contact me and I may want to cover it for my portfolio at no cost. 
Portrait Session (30 Minutes): $100
Professional Headshots, Corporate Photo Session, Solo Photoshoot, Small Family Photoshoot.
You will receive a minimum of 3 edited photos. 
Family/Group size maximum of 3 people. Groups larger than 3 people are subject to additional cost.
Portrait Session (1 Hour): $175
Photoshoot with outfit changes, Larger Family Photoshoot. Etc.
You will receive a minimum of 8 edited photos. 
Families with more than 5 members are subject to additional cost.
Lifestyle Session (No Cost)
I want to tell photo stories. This session would end in a more journalistic product with a story told through photos, accompanied by a write-up. If you or someone you know is interested, please reach out to me.
Event Coverage: $20 per photo (5 photo minimum)
Sporting Events, Performances, Public Events, etc. 
You will receive a minimum of 5 edited photos. 
Events longer than 2 hours are subject to additional cost.
Weddings: Available by request starting at $700
Need a lower cost Wedding Photographer? I'm not as experienced in this field, so I am happy to work with you. I don't list photo counts here, you will receive all photos that meet my quality expectations. 
Entry Package ($700): Single Photographer, No Video, Ceremony and some Reception Coverage.
Mid-Level Package ($1200): Single Photographer, Recording of Ceremony, some Reception Coverage, First Look/Pre Ceremony Coverage.
High-Level Package ($2000): Two Photographers, Recording of Ceremony, Reception Coverage, Pre Ceremony Coverage. 
Contact me if you would like to customize one of these packages. 
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